The Event CAP PAC design is made up of a sign which turns into a drinks carrier, two detachable sun visors and when you're finished using the sign you can remove the coaster/coupons from the sign which creates the holes so that it can now be used as a two drink carrier.

This design would be ideal for events longer than one day e.g. festival. Where the sign is not vital in an environment where the coupons would thrive. The coupons are then easily kept in the pocket and are able to be use througout the weekend/week. Which could be a great tool to encourage the event goers to buy more of your products.

We see these tear-off coasters as a great place for a call to action whether it’s encouraging your potential customers to buy your product, visit your website or even sign up to your mailing list. Could also work well in conjuction with any other promotional giveaways you may have at the same event.