With sustainability at the forefront whilst developing this product, we invested our time infto handpicking suppliers andd manufacturers which share our ethos. Taking into consideration the impact of our whole supply chain and lifecycle of our product. This allopws us to confidently say that each CapPac produced actually has a positive impact to our consumers, events, brands and most importantly our planet.


Produced in a carbon Neutral Factory. We engage in a number of carbon offsetting schemes through our partners such as UN-backed project in Brazil, which is helping to conserver 86,000 hectares of forest to regenerate a further 1,200 hectares of deforested land at the mouth of the Amazon.


Our CAP PACs are produced using either recycled or FSC® certified material, from sustainably managed forests.


We use chemical free, VOC free and waterless ink, which has no waste product. We also use LED drying which uses 20% of the energy that UV drying inks use.


We have zero waste to landfill and 100% of the waste we produce is recycled, it is then fed back into our supply chain to produce more CAP PACs.


We also manufacture locally, guaranteeing our product travels the least miles possible. Which all contribute to reducing our effects on the environment.


They are manufactured in a factory which is powered 100% by renewable energy from wind, wave, solar and biomass production.

Our aim is to cultivate a more resourceful, reusable and sustainable thought process when it comes to designing and creating promotional, marketing material. We halep our customers raise awareness of their brands by providing exciting, interactive and eco-friendly alternative products gives their brand, sponsors and consumers more, with less harm to our planet.